Who is this Technique for?

‘This is an applied book concerned with promoting mental wellbeing and emotional health in the classroom, for teachers as well as for students. This is an applied book rooted in ancient and timeless wisdom, refined in the caves and on the mountains of antiquity, and honed in busy and noisy urban environments and in the real life of contemporary classrooms.
This is a book about mindfulness that could make a real difference to the way in which teachers and students experience life in the classroom.’
– Leslie J Francis, Professor of Religions and Education, University of Warwick


Who is GfMT for? 

Anyone can be taught Grounding for Mindfulness Technique (GfMT) however most of the resources here are for teenagers or professionals working in education. 

Age of students 

GfMT is suitable for wide range of ages while current resources are only aimed for 11-18 year old students. 

What if I want to teach it to younger students? 

If you are primary (elementary) school teacher please email junior@groundingformindfulness.com 

Can I use this in any subject? 

Yes, please refer to Homepage for information about linking GfMT to your academic (or other) content. 

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