How to incorporate GfMT in your Schemes of Work?

Incorporating wellbeing into SOW can be challenging if teachers have not decided where it will be most useful and why. There are several ways this can be done and it is an important theme in GfMT Teacher Training seminars.

Without training or a book (available on this site and elsewhere on-line) it is not possible to do it correctly. If you have a book it’s best to plan a few occasions when you have spare time to test it first.

Also if you have the book accompanying this website then the easiest way is to follow the manual’s prescribed questions and follow the supplied planning procedures for different subjects and especially for your own. Most questions are answered but further fine tuning is always possible.

Once you have tested it and are used to using it properly and as prescribed you can then incorporate it in any theme in your SOW either per topic or per skill needing development.

They will work as starters and plenaries, as main lesson content and also as reflection at the end of the topic. This will depend on what is most useful to a teacher.

It’s best to try to use the exercises for different purposes as students respond well to variety. For example, if a teacher decides to use it as a starter one week they might want to consider using it at different time at the next lesson. This works very well.

If you have a book but still have questions please email for a quick reply.

How to incorporate GfMT in your Schemes of Work?

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