Community, team building and grounding meditation

When I meditated I felt relaxed. As if it was the only thing I was concentrating on and there
was nothing else. It made me calm and I forgot all of my worries. I felt happier and fresher. As
the room was quiet and there was only one voice, it was quite peaceful to be sitting there.’

Louise, age 14

Whenever possible, meditations on this website include the whole community. Working together, exchanging skills, sharing opinions and cooperating are at the heart of every exercise.

Team building exercises are designed not only to be used with sports teams but also across school curriculum. They are just as suitable for pastoral care and extra-curricular activities.

Students often report issues relating to isolation, loneliness and friendship difficulties which are often due to a lack of community within the school or at home. Teachers should read the suggested activities/key words included before and after each grounding meditation to help them address specific situations. Subject-specific suggestions are especially provided in the Links section. They are guides and can either be used straight from the page or incorporated into teachers’ own adapted activities, depending on what the teacher wishes to achieve.

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