Academic content and grounding meditation


‘I was very relaxed and calm and ready to start the lesson. I was concentrating more and more
focused on my work because it washed out all the bad things and worry.
The feeling [in meditation] was weird [and] I could hear and see things that Miss said, it
was like I was floating in the space. I felt like a new person all relaxed, calm and cool.’

Student G. G.

Many mindfulness meditations can be linked to a variety of content. The most important thing is to decide what will deepen students’ understanding in the best way, while in the same time deepening their personal engagement with the topic. This really works well, and as a rule, students remember what has been taught better, they remember it longer and their recall of the event is better. To some extent they feel the learning was easier. This is precisely because they engage deeply with the content and they feel they have somehow experienced it more in real life.

This works by helping students see relevance of the learned topic to their own life and experience of it. Once students have ‘linked up’ to the content in this way the engagement and depth of learning considerably increases.



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