About GfMT

Grounding for Mindfulness Technique (GfMT) is a deep and effective way to induce mindfulness in everyday life for anyone anywhere. The technique is effective and works straight away. The calm is instant, mindfulness naturally follows. GfMT has been designed and adapted for teaching in everyday life from several arts by Billie Krstovic MA MCHP.

It only takes half an hour to learn the meditation but with practice it becomes much used life-long skill. It is especially helpful in a high pressure situations in school, at home and in professional life. It has been taught to people from all walks of life, from busy mothers, high executives, stressed out teachers, chefs in high pressure environments to students, artists and school children.

Billie has taught mindfulness meditation to thousands of teenagers in secondary schools over the last sixteen years. She taught children in mainstream schools including children with Autism . GfMT is highly effective in professional, domestic and educational settings alike.


‘This magnificent teacher’s handbook that instructs young people how to “BE” rather than how to “DO” is revolutionary to the educational system. The importance of this book cannot be overemphasized. With just enough personal story to make it relatable and easy to understand, one finds here the exact key to unlock the skills required of the next generation, as it is only in the stillness of meditation that one finds one’s muse. Creativity will be the principal power needed by our descendants to solve the problems of the future. This book by Billie Krstovic is an indispensable teaching tool.’
Elizabeth B. Jenkins, writer, spiritual teacher and author of ‘Return of the Inka’

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